PoliceIntel is a powerful and proven software system from QISoft that helps police agencies manage intelligence and respond more quickly to crime issues. The core strength of PoliceIntel is its ability to allow analysts to quickly create intelligence information, which can then be disseminated to officers in the field. PoliceIntel is a web-based software product, so officers may review the posted intelligence information on their mobile data terminals, while at their desk, or at home.

Dynamic Intelligence

PoliceIntel intelligence documents are not your typical single page, small typed, "read-only" flavor that are common in the police world. Intelligence documents can include pictures, videos, banners, text and much more. PoliceIntel intelligence documents may be viewed individually or in a running slide show presentation. Display a running slideshow of all your "Wanted" posters, use our "built-in" slideshow for viewing intelligence by categories, or build your own custom slideshows for future playback.

Intelligence documents come alive as users have the ability to post comments. The document and any comments will appear as others view the document.

Fusion Centers and More

If you have, or are starting a Fusion Center, PoliceIntel is the perfect software choice for getting your center off the ground quickly. PoliceIntel is completely configurable, customizable and our hosted environment lets you focus on solving crimes while we worry about the hardware, software and continuous product updates.

Fusion centers have morphed from a central focus on preventing terrorist attacks (following September 11) to day-to-day crime fighting. They have become the "nerve center" for many police agencies in their crime fighting efforts. PoliceIntel provides all the necessary components to improve the swift analysis and sharing of intelligence WITHIN and BETWEEN law enforcement agencies. PoliceIntel can help you provide tactical intelligence on matters of national, regional or local importance, that people can act on.

Continuous Product Development

Your expertise is solving crimes and ours is building software. PoliceIntel comes "out of the box" with all of the management and configuration tools to get your site up and running in no time. In addition, we are continually updating PoliceIntel with new modules and features, staying "ahead of the curve" with a keen interest in technology and where it is going.

Try PoliceINTEL Demo NOW 

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    Display a running slideshow of all your "Wanted" posters or recent criminal activity. Use our "built-in" slideshow for viewing intelligence by categories or build your own custom slideshows for future playback.

    Integrated Calendar
    Need to let a precint or division know about an upcoming event that affects their area? Our integrated calendar lets you create events and categorize them into one or many categories.

    Instant Intelligence
    Our document wizard makes it easy for anyone to create documents and post intelligence. Or, use our full WYSIWIG editor to create documents according to your design needs.

    Quick Maps
    Intelligence data is sometimes best displayed in map form to show crime trends by neighborhood or area. PoliceIntel is integrated with Google Maps and allows maps to be created from manually entered data or infomation imported from an existing system.

    28 CFR Part 23

    From user and data security, organizational access, data integrity and retention, PoliceIntel adheres to the requirements of 28 CFR Part 23 operating principals.

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